Natya Shakthi Academy

Natya Shakthi Academy was established by Girija Anand with an Objective of taking our Classical dance Bharathanatyam to the next generation dancers in United States. It all started long back with just 3 small kids now the academy is a well known entity with a lot of Good Dancers in the DFW area. Not only Dance, the academy aims at development of individual self in various perspectives and makes learning a holistic experience.

Upcoming Performance

  • Deepam Yetrovom - Dance Production
  • Recital Bharathiyum Bharathamum - Mcl Grand Theatre?
  • Mts - Dance competition
  • Fetna - Dance - Thirukural - Dr Narthaki Natarajan
  • Salangai Poojai -Solo - Sahanna
  • Salangai Poojai- Group
  • Janmashtami
  • Navaratri
  • About Instructor

    Smt. Girija Anand
    Performer, Choreographer & a Teacher

    Smt. Girija Anand has been learning Bharathanatyam since her age of 8 and has shown her uniqueness as a performer, Choreographer & a Teacher. She is the artistic Founder of Natya Shakthi Academy (NSA) and gives a holistic training to the Future Dancers in DFW area.

    She has been conferred the title “Natya Padmam” by her Guru Smt. Padmalakshmee Suresh. Her Guru Padma’s dance has blossomed under the guidance of Kalamamani Smt. Ranganayaki Jayaraman. She has also been associated with many senior dance Gurus in their own dance production. She has performed in various leading Sabhas back in her home town Chennai, India and has performed dance shows both in India & Abroad.


  • Deepan Yetruvom dance production at MCL Grand this Saturday
  • The roots of legacy
  • What's the link between Indian classical, folk dance forms and enhanced memory power?
  • 14 Signs You are A Bharathanatyam Dancer