About Natyashakthi

Natya Shakthi Academy was established by Girija Anand with an Objective of taking our Classical dance Bharathanatyam to the next generation dancers in United States. It all started long back with just 3 small kids now the academy is a well known entity with a lot of Good Dancers in the DFW area. Not only Dance, the academy aims at development of individual self in various perspectives and makes learning a holistic experience.

Apart from Practical dancing, students learn Dance theory, Choreography, Culture, Mythology, Exercises, Stage management, Presentation techniques, Lighting Techniques, Stage Craft make up & Teaching. NSA will have regular dance programs, recitals, and we also perform getting along with other Dance Institutions in the DFW area on big banner performances like Sivagamiyin Sabadam, Ram Leela, Nala Damayanthi, FETNA etc.

Dance is as competitive as sport, where only the fittest, strongest, most strategic thinking, most diligent practitioners survive. Dancers are athletes of the highest calibre”.

– Charlotte Vincent