Benefits of Bharathanatyam

In addition to demonstrating their love for the art Bharathanatyam provides excellent benefits to the practitioners. Dedicated practice is known to provide as much health benefits as Yoga. Below are some advantages:

  • Flexibility – The different hand and facial expressions used to denote the story line within the dance builds body balance and enhance flexibility.
  • Concentration – The dance exponent is expected to learn a significant number of steps and gestures thus improving their mental concentration.
  • Builds stamina – The vigorous dance steps challenges the body and stamina by extracting the maximum out of your muscles and tissues.
  • Heart friendly – The functioning of the heart muscles is improved significantly by energetic performance extracted by this dance form.
  • Weight control – The complexity of the movements and jumps and muscle use helps dancers to stay away from weight gain for a long period of time.
  • Skin Glow – The dance facilitates sweating and removal of toxins thus energizing the skin’s surface.

The perfect synchronisation of rhythms and expressions makes it a complete exercise for heart, mind and body.

Here are some Famous quotes on Bharathanatyam:

  • Dance is as competitive as sport, where only the fittest, strongest, most strategic thinking, most diligent practitioners survive. Dancers are athletes of the highest calibre” – Charlotte Vincent
  • “Dance, like music and other arts, helps us rise above the beast in ourselves.” – Sudharani Raghupathy
  • “We enter through the gopuram (center hall) of alarippu, cross the ardha mandapam (1/2 way hall) of jatiswaram, then the mandapam (great hall) of sabdam and enter the holy precinct of the deity in the varnam”. -T. Balasaraswathi 1975 , At the Tamil Isai Conference
  • There will be no wisdom, no learning, no art, nor craft, no device, nor action that is not found within natya.” – Bharata, Natya Sastra
  • ​”Be it Tamil or Chinese, the poetry of Subramania Bharati or the bhajans of Mira Bai, bhava as experienced through Bharatanatyam is universal to all languages.” – Guru Kalyanasundaram Pillai (‘Of ‘talking’ feet’ by Vidya Saranyan, The Hindu Friday Review, Dec 26, 2008)