Natya Padmam Smt. Girija Anand is the honourable founder of the prestigious Natya Shakthi Dance Academy. After more than 12 years of experience in supervising and running the dance school, she launched it officially in 2016. In addition to being a graceful exponent of the classical Bharathanatyam, she has also emerged as an excellent teacher imparting the ancient knowledge of the dance form to eager students and moulded many young kids to be a wonderful performer. She teaches dance with a lot of dedication imparting our traditional and cultural values on the kids. She focuses mainly on perfection in every movement of dance to bring the best out of the students. Her teaching techniques and involvement make the kids fall in love with the wonderful art of dance.

Girija also has experience in choreographing classical, semi-classical and folk dances for various cultural programs across the country. This has allowed her to add more depth and perspective to her teachings in the dance school.

Her competency as a skilled teacher is supported by the appreciations at various Performances in the DFW area.

“Dance, like music and other arts, helps us rise above the beast in ourselves.”
– Sudharani Raghupathy